If you want to find a specific record or to retrieve a collection of records, for example in custom code, references or XML settings, you can build search expressions using a number of searchable properties. This topic lists all properties that you can use and guides you in how to construct search expressions to find records.

In the Searchable properties on records list below you will see both simple and complex searchable properties. Simple properties are of a simple data type, like a string, number or datatime. Complex properties contain nested ADAM objects, such as a classification, file or user. In case of a complex property you can use the searchable properties of that nested object to complete your search expression. Click each of the complex properties in the table to go to the list of searchable properties for that object type.

An example:

Suppose you want to retrieve all records that are linked to a certain classification. You can use any searchable property of the nested classification object to specify which classification you want to use in the search expression, in order to find all records that are linked to that classification.

You can find all searchable properties for classification in Classification.

Relation record-classificationRelation record-classification

So, to search for all records that are linked to the classification named ProductImages you could use this search expression:

Classification.Name = ProductImages

The Sortable column indicates for each property if it can be used for sorting, for example to sort a search result set, in record display view configurations or when creating widgets.