The 2nd step to the typical Aprimo integration is retrieving your selected content from Aprimo. There are 3 primary ways of accomplishing this. Aprimo Public CDN, Asynchronous Download Orders, and Synchronous Download Orders. For CMS, Email Systems, or Commerce systems the Aprimo Public CDN is the recommended option as it is always synchronous and allows for a range of transformations supported by Fastly. If a system can’t accept public uris and instead needs the actual file then the integration will use either Synchronous Download Order, Asynchronous Download Orders, or a combination of both. Asynchronous Orders are capable of doing Aprimo transformations, such as cropping, on assets that are ordered. Synchronous Download Orders are made synchronous by bypassing the Aprimo transformation process. Both Aprimo Public CDN order and Aprimo Download Orders are placed using the Aprimo REST APIs order endpoint.

POSTMAN Collection

The attached POSTMAN Collection contains example requests for retrieving Aprimo content.

Aprimo Public CDN

The Aprimo Public CDN approach is best used when all assets should be publicly available, such as with a live website. Whether an asset has been cached in the Aprimo Public CDN or not, the url will be immediately available. The public url is immediately available because the public url pattern is configured in a global Aprimo setting; even if the asset hasn’t been cached yet, Aprimo knows the url it will be hosted at. Assets can also be cached automatically according to Aprimo DAM rules. E.G. when an asset is created, added to a specific classification, or some metadata is set. Using the CDN method also gives access to all asset transformations that Fastly supports.

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Download Orders

Asynchronous and Synchronous download orders are ideal for any system that can not accept a public uri and instead needs the file itself, such as social media, Sharepoint, etc. The difference between the two is that asynchronous allows your request for a download url to also request a transformation to the asset. All Aprimo supported transformations can be found in the download order training documentation. If no transformation is selected in the order, and the target is the master file, then the order will return synchronously.

The XML Writeback feature must also be disabled. As this counts as a transformation.