Selecting Aprimo Content


One of the first steps in any downstream integration with Aprimo DAM will be the process of selecting content. If the integration requires a UI experience where users can manually select an asset, crop, or rendition then Aprimo recommends the use of Content Selector or Aprimo Quick Connect, depending on the capabilities of the platform being integrated to. Content Selector and Quick Connect are often used for integrations to CMS or Email systems. If the integration requires selecting a specific asset or searching for a set of assets via a backend call then the Aprimo REST API is the recommended solution. Aprimo REST API is used for integrations to platforms like Rights Management, ERP, and others.

POSTMAN Collection

The attached POSTMAN Collection contains example Aprimo REST API requests for selecting Aprimo content. Note that 2 of the requests with “(Example. Will not work)” are Aprimo Content Selector examples. The encoded options can be found in the body of the request


Using the REST API for selecting Aprimo content will return a json object containing information about the asset. If a record ID is already known, then an API request can be made to /records/{recordID}. An example request can be found in the POSTMAN collection titled “Get Single Record”. If no record ID is used then using the /records/search endpoint is recommended. This endpoint allows for a search expression to be used to filter assets. This option is recommended when the use case calls for pulling in many Aprimo assets into the connecting system, or when there is an identifiable common trait between all assets that are needed for the use case.

Aprimo also supports Aprimo Select Headers which can be used to return additional information on the records. If Aprimo CDN is enabled and there are assets that have been cached in the CDN, then select headers can be used to get the current public URIs of assets cached in the CDN. See POSTMAN request titled “Get Single Record Publicuris.”

Content Selector

Aprimo Content Selector will launch an Aprimo made UI allowing users to select 1 or more assets to be returned to the application that launched Content Selector and is the recommended tool for connecting to CMS, ERP, or Commerce systems. The json object returned, as well as configuration options, can be viewed in the Content Selector documentation. Content Selector features its own authentication and will prompt the user to login to their Aprimo user before allowing them to browse Aprimo; this also ensures users browse Aprimo using their personal permissions. Content Selector can be configured to work with the Aprimo CDN, and in doing so will only show assets that have been cached on the public CDN. The returned json object will contain the record ID as well as the public URI.