Tracking Aprimo Content


Once content has left Aprimo and is being published publicly it is often useful to have exposure of where that content is being used. Aprimo recommends when content is published or used outside of Aprimo that the Aprimo record is updated to include information about its use. If published publicly in a CMS the Aprimo record should contain the url that the content was published at. If the content is used in Rights Management, Email Systems, PIMs, or other systems, the Aprimo record should be updated to include what systems it is being used in. The Aprimo REST API is the best solution for this use case. When your integration processes an Aprimo asset to an external system the integration should make a request to update the Aprimo record. Alternatively, if the asset is published to Aprimo Public CDN, then hits on that asset can be tracked through Aprimo Content Return on Effort.

POSTMAN Collection

The attached POSTMAN Collection contains an example request for tracking Aprimo content.


If content is used outside of Aprimo, like in a CMS, the integration should use the Aprimo REST API to update the Aprimo content’s metadata to include information about its use. For CMS’s this should include urls to the publically available webpages the content can be found at. For Rights Management systems this should include identification for rights contracts the asset is a part of.