Creating fields is a multi step process that has a lot of different points of configuration. The purpose of this tutorial is to walk through creating a simple field and exposing it to your Consumer and Contributor users in the DAM UI. This tutorial assumes you have admin access to Aprimo

Create a Field and Adding it to an Asset

  1. Navigate to Aprimo Assets UI

If you have just logged in to Aprimo, navigate to the top left menu, expand Content, and select Browse.

2. Navigate to the top left menu and select System. This will take you to the part of Aprimo DAM where you can configure everything available
3. Expand the top left menu, expand Field Management, select Create New Field Definition
4. Select the Text data type and then select Next
5. Give your new field a system name. This is the internal name so you may have a naming convention your organization likes to stick to. For this tutorial I have named my field tutorialField
6.  Ensure the Scope is set to Record Content Class Dependent. This means the field will need to be associated to a classification and then will appear on assets classified in that classification. To learn more about the different scopes check out this documentation
7. Give the field a Label. This is the name that users will see in the UI
8. Select Create
9. Now we need to associate the field to a classification. Expand the top left menu, expand Asset Related, select View All Classifications. If you are working in a partner environment you should have your own classification named after your organization. Select that classification.
10. Select the Edit button in the top right that looks like a pencil.
11. Find the Registered field and field groups section and click manage on the Registered Fields section.
12. Find your new field and add it to the Registered fields section on the right. This makes it so assets classified in this classification will appear with this metadata field. You can test this by going to an asset in Assets UI and classifying it in your classification. To expose the field to DAM UI there are still a few more steps.
13. Now that the field is on a classification, we need to add the field to a Content Type. Navigate to the top left menu in System and select Quick-start Guides.
14. Select New User Interface then select Fields Setup.
15. On the left select a Content Type you want to add the field to, for this tutorial I am adding my field to Asset.
16. On the right side look for Details View Configuration. This is the configuration for the Details page of an asset in DAM UI. It is where you configure where fields appear on the page.
17. Scroll through the JSON and find the Asset Details container.
18. Add a JSON Object to the container, just follow the format that other fields use and add your new field.
"type": "field",
"size": "md",
"name": "tutorialField"

19. Click Save at the top.
20. Navigate to an asset in DAM and select Edit to see your new field! Empty fields do not appear in DAM UI, so you’ll need to edit the field and provide a value before the field appears. Also, remember that the field is configured to a classification, so the asset must be classified in that classification to appear as well.