Sorting search results

When searching for objects in Aprimo DAM you can also sort the result set that is returned. Sorting can be done using all sortable properties of the target object or by relevance (so-called “ranking”).

Which properties you can use for sorting is listed in theĀ Searching for records andĀ Searchable properties for other object types topics in this chapter.

The example below sorts record search results in different ways:

Sorted by creation datetime:

sort: CreatedOn

Sorted by creation datetime, descending:

sort: CreatedOn desc

Sorted by creator name and then by creation datetime, descending:

sort: CreatedBy.Name, CreatedOn desc

You can also sort records using a field value, e.g.
Sorted by the value of the “Description” field:

sort: FieldName('Description').Value

You can also use the relevance of each result or “rank” for sorting.

Use the Rank keyword in your sort parameter list, e.g.
Sorted by the relevance of the search result:

sort: Rank desc

Ranking is only supported when searching for Records or Classifications.