Aprimo Distributed Marketing offers a diverse set of developer APIs and tools as part of the Aprimo Integration Framework. This guide introduces the available developer features and explains when you should use them. Each feature has its own reference guide that covers its features in depth. This table provides a high-level description of each feature in the integration framework.

Additionally, houses the data dictionary for the Aprimo Distributed Marketing Business Intelligence module and covers the technical detail for connecting to Aprimo DM’s Single Sign On.


Feature Description
REST API A RESTful API that can be used to create, read, update, delete, and query many objects in Aprimo. It can also perform special actions, such as allocating funding to a partner.
Lead Waypoint Allows you to drop new leads into the Aprimo DM Brand Lead Hub for distribution to your partners.
Business Intelligence Enables you to run canned reports and dashboards as well as build custom reports and dashboards.
Data Extracts Allows you to export data from Aprimo DM Business Intelligence via flat file on a scheduled basis for use in external systems.
Single Sign On Allows a Brand to set up seamless login and automatic registration for your partners.


The Aprimo Distributed Marketing REST API enables external applications to perform HTTPS calls to create, read, update, delete, or query data across Aprimo objects. The API also supports some special actions, such as allocating dollars to a partner. This enables you to build real-time integrations between Aprimo Distributed Marketing and other systems. The REST API requires request content to be in JSON, and returns response content in JSON.

The REST API uses an OAuth 2.0 Authentication scheme, and supports the ability to get an access token via a backend service. The REST API performs all actions in the context of the user who is calling into it.

When should I use the REST API?

Use the REST API whenever you need to request data from or set data in Aprimo Distributed Marketing from an outside process. For example, you might use the REST API to get a list of your partners who have accounts in Aprimo DM or set their precision connect values.

Lead Waypoint

Many customers perform lead generation activities in systems outside of Aprimo DM. The Lead Waypoint API allows a brand to send leads from any source to Aprimo DM’s Brand Lead Hub in order to be distributed to their marketing channel.
The Lead Waypoint API supports both JSON and form encoded data formats.

When should I use the Lead Waypoint API?

This allows you to use the Lead Waypoint in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:
• Creating a web form external to Aprimo DM that directly creates leads inside the Brand Lead Hub.
• Leveraging third party integration tools or custom code to send leads from lead sources to the Brand Lead Hub.
• Using native tools in lead generation systems that allow lead data to be sent via HTTP POST calls to an endpoint.

The Lead Waypoint API is a one-way, create only API. It does not return data back to the source system or form the lead data arrived from.

Business Intelligence

Aprimo Distributed Marketing BI allows you to build your own reports, visualizations, and dashboards using data from Aprimo Distributed Marketing. This site contains information about what data is available to you in BI as well as the data dictionary, which contains definitions for all the fields available and the default joins between object categories.

When should I use Business Intelligence?

Develop reports in Business Intelligence to gain more insights into the data flowing through Aprimo Distributed Marketing. If you need assistance building reports, please contact your account manager to speak with an Aprimo DM BI expert.

Data Extracts

In addition to building in-system reports and dashboards, Aprimo Distributed Marketing BI allows you to output list reports on a schedule which can be picked up via SFTP.

When should I use Data Extracts?

If you’d like to use external reporting tools to report on Aprimo DM data, or if you’d like to populate your enterprise data warehouse with data from Aprimo DM, you can use data extracts to make Aprimo DM Data available to these tools. If you need assistance building reports or designing a data extract, please contact your account manager to speak with an Aprimo DM BI expert.

Single Sign On

The Aprimo Distributed Marketing Single Sign On module allows you to set up a seamless login and automated registrations for your partners. Many options are available for SSO, such as defaulting precision connect values and automatically passing in registration data and digital logos.