Lead Waypoint


Many customers perform lead generation activities in systems outside of Aprimo DM. The Lead Waypoint API allows a brand to send leads from any source to Aprimo DM’s Brand Lead Hub in order to be distributed to their marketing channel.
The Lead Waypoint API supports both JSON and form encoded data formats. This allows you to use the Lead Waypoint in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:
• Creating a web form external to Aprimo DM that directly creates leads inside the Brand Lead Hub.
• Leveraging third party integration tools or custom code to send leads from lead sources to the Brand Lead Hub.
• Using native tools in lead generation systems that allow lead data to be sent via HTTP POST calls to an endpoint.

This guide will walk through:
How to enable a Lead Waypoint in Aprimo DM.
How to pass data to the Lead Waypoint via webform.
How to pass data to the Lead Waypoint via JSON.