The Aprimo Distributed Marketing REST API enables external applications to perform HTTPS calls to create, read, update, delete, or query data across Aprimo objects. The API also supports some special actions, such as allocating dollars to a partner. This enables you to build real-time integrations between Aprimo Distributed Marketing and other systems. The REST API requires request content to be in JSON, and returns response content in JSON.

The REST API can be used by Brands to get or change their own data or build integrations to their Brand account. It may also be used by Brands to build custom applications for their partner community. It may also be used by partners to build their own integrations as well.

In order to create an integration, you must generate a client ID in the application. Instructions for doing this can be found in the ‘Authorization’ article.

Brand Endpoints may be called by brands only to interact with functionality available in their brand account (for example, setting precision connect values for their partners or getting a list of funding accounts for their partners).

Partner Endpoints may be called by partners only to interact with functionality in a partner account, however, a brand may still use their brand client ID to create an integration for their partners.

What are the differences between v1.0 and v2.0?

As you browse the REST API URLs, some are labeled as v1.0, others are labeled as v2.0.

v2.0 introduced adhering to OData, allowing for more flexible querying of data and metadata requests. New endpoints moving forward will all be built on the v2.0 scheme, but you may also use v1.0 endpoints if they suit your use case.

You may read more about OData here.

If an API is not available here that you need, please contact your account manager.