Single Sign On


Many Aprimo DM Customers would like to provide a seamless login experience for their partner community by implementing Single Sign On. Implementing Single Sign On for Aprimo DM eliminates the need for users to remember an Aprimo DM specific username and password and provides the ability to seamlessly log in a user from another trusted site.
Here’s how single sign on with Aprimo DM works:

1. First, a user access an identity provider owned by the Brand. This may be a SAML identity provider, or a portal site that supports partner registrations and logins.
2. The Brand Identity Provider sends security information to a Aprimo DM endpoint. Aprimo validates this security information and rejects the request if the validation fails.
3. If the validation passes, if the user exists in system, the user is logged in. Otherwise, the user is presented with a registration form to create his or her account.


Prior to setting up single sign on, brand accounts must be provisioned inside of Aprimo DM. Please work with your Aprimo DM implementation team to perform account setup.