SSO Options

SAML vs. Aprimo DM SSO

Aprimo DM supports being a SAML service provider via an IdP-initiated single sign on flow. However, if your organization does not have an implemented SAML Identity Provider or does not store partner accounts in your SAML identity provider, you may elect to use Aprimo DM SSO instead. This is common when a customer already has a marketing portal built that handles partner registrations. The technical details of Aprimo DM SSO are listed further down in this document.

SSO for Partner Users

Custom Unique Identifier (Aprimo DM SSO Only)
Customers may elect to pass in a unique identifier for a user other than the email address.

Autofill and Autoregister (Aprimo DM SSO Only)
Using Aprimo DM SSO and using POST instead of GET on the endpoint, any field on the registration form may be allowed to be autopopulated. Further details are in the document below.

Defaulting Precision Connect Values

When a partner registers via the registration form, a brand must select a default set of Precision Connect values that are applied to every partner. These values may be changed by the brand after the partner registers.

Setting Partner Attributes (Aprimo DM SSO Only)

When partners attributes are defined, these may be set on account creation by using the API names of the partner attributes. These may be passed via the Query String Parmeters or via the form POST data (if passed through both, the POST data will take precedence).