A partial list of commonly-used lookups (please scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list). The ID is used in the GET api/lookup/{lookupID} route.

Lookup ID Description
40 Proposal Status
1002 Active-InActive
1004 Yes-No
1006 Notification Status
1007 Notification Priority
1034 Invoice Account Type
1050 Available-Unavailable
1096 Paper Size
1201 Attachment Created From Type
1396 Creative Review Outcome
1403 Review Voting Style
1437 Activity Origin
1443 Activity Request Review Type
1448 Activity Request Status
2773 Offer Status
2904 Annotation Styles
2905 Annotation Object Types
2914 Annotation Status
2959 Project Status
2974 Task Assignee Work Status
2976 Task Work Action
2981 User Tokens
2983 Workflow Start Type
2993 Task Auto Close
3038 Workflow Assignee Vote Result
3043 Task Work Entry
3049 Project Attachment Visibility
3074 TaskDocumentTypes_3074.xml
3080 Workflow Task Vote Result
5013 Task Status For Lis
5135 Active-Inactive Expired
5255 Financial Status
5266 Commitment Status
5397 Workflow Task Types
5698 Custom Default Thumbnail
5880 Client Logging Level
5912 Generic Object Status
5913 Voting Strategies

Paramaterized Business Object Lookups

The following lookups can be parameterized with the ‘filterText’ property in the URL

Lookup ID Description Example
5264 Get all the active suppliers api/lookup/5264?filterText=152627
5272 Get all activities with Financial status is open and Finance group not null api/lookup/5272?filterText=198006
5238 Get all active funding accounts and type is ‘planned’ or ‘unplaned’ or ‘Forecast only’ or ‘Migrated’ api/lookup//5238?filterText=ME
506 Get all active users except service user api/lookup/506?filterText=cassie
5186 Get all funding accounts api/lookup/5186?filterText=QA
1165 Get all the contacts that defined in suppliers api/lookup/1165?filterText=con
5253 Get all Expense Categories api/lookup/5253?filterText=REP_ExpCat
5176 Get all fiscal years api/lookup/5176?filterText=2016
5224 Get all fiscal periods api/lookup/5224?filterText=De
2855 Get the contacts defined in suppliers api/lookup/2855?filterText=con
(note the subListID param for the supplierID)
5247 Get the funding accounts that can be updated in invoices api/lookup/5247?filterText=kiwi

Full List of Lookups