Report Distribution


Report Distribution is a module that allows you to schedule flat file outputs of Aprimo Reports to an FTP or SFTP site, or email.

If you’d like to use your own reporting tools on Aprimo data, or join Aprimo data up to other data in your organization, the report distribution module output to FTP and SFTP can help you accomplish this. When sending to an FTP or SFTP site, you may pick up the files using an automated process developed on your end, load the data into your EDW or a database, and point your own reporting tools to Aprimo data.

Creating a report distribution

To leverage this feature, you must first create Aprimo Reports which contain the data you’d like to output. Once your report is created, you can create a report distribution to send a file with the data in the Aprimo report to an SFTP/FTP site.

There is documentation on the report distribution module on which walks through creating a report distribution.

To enable the SFTP/FTP transfers, when setting up a new distribution under System Administration->System Tools->Analysis Administration->Distribution Management in Aprimo, you can configure in the SFTP/FTP details.


It is strongly recommended you use SFTP transfers so data is secured at the transport layer. If file-level security is needed, you may also pgp encrypt files that are sent over report distribution to FTP or SFTP. To do this, navigate to System Administration->System Tools->Security->PGP Encryption manager. From there, you may upload your public key, which can then be selected when creating a report distribution. Files dropped to the FTP or SFTP site by the report distribution module will then be encrypted using your public key, which can be decrypted using the paired private key you own. You should not upload your private key into Aprimo.