Environment Access


Before you begin your process of building an Aprimo integration you will need access into an Aprimo environment. To get access, reach out to PartnerRequests@aprimo.com. Before that though try and answer the questions below. The more information Aprimo has about your use case and needs in Aprimo, the better we can set you up and make your onboarding phase as obstacle free as possible.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • What type of system are you looking to integrate with Aprimo?
  • Is this a downstream integration from Aprimo sending content to an external system, an upstream integration for adding content to Aprimo, or both ways?
  • What types of content are you planning on working with? Refer to this article about Aprimo Content Types for more information (link)
  • What technologies are you planning on using for building this integration? Will you be using a IaaS platform or writing and hosting an application?
  • Have you built an integration into a different DAM before?
  • What user flow¬†are you imagining for your integration?
  • If you need custom metadata fields in Aprimo, what fields?
  • What type of authorization will you need? Please refer to our Authorization page for more information.

Additional Reading

If you need some assistance in answering any of these questions take a look at our Aprimo Common Integration Patterns articles. Those are common patterns we see partners use when integrating with Aprimo so they may be useful to you as well.